Meal Planner

Perfectly balanced meal plans are 100% food based that provide you everything you need to hit your goals. Our customized plans consider many things including your health goals, food preferences and any food allergies or sensitivities. ​It offers the convince of organization but also the ability to incorporate variety with thousands of food options.
Trying to lose weight and lead a more active lifestyle can be a tough transition, especially if you are used to eating fast food regularly due to a busy schedule. Many of us struggle to find the time to plan and prepare meals each day for ourselves and our families. At In Motion Fitness, we have dedicated meal planners who can provide this assistance to you. This may be surprising to some, but meal planning can actually help you save a lot of money. Eating out can take a big chunk out of your monthly budget, but preparing meals at home is much cheaper and more nutritious.

Another benefit of using our meal planner is that the meals are more customized to your nutritional needs. With the onslaught of information out there about various diet plans and how to lose weight, you may not know where to start. Those who are more active in aerobic activities often need more carbs, and a high-protein diet could lead to injury or fatigue. You might also have different needs in terms of your supplements, so eating food that is rich in specific vitamins can offer a lot of health benefits that others may not need.

Our bodies are unique, so the fuel that we give them should reflect this. At In Motion Fitness, our meal planner understands the needs of each individual person and will create a plan that will produce maximum results, such as better sleep habits, weight loss or maintenance, and fewer food cravings. If you have any questions, contact us at one of our locations in Cornelius, Mooresville, and Davidson, NC.
When you get home after a long day at work, school, or your other daily activities, it can be difficult to muster up the energy to prepare a healthy meal for yourself. For this reason, you may find yourself going through the drive-thru of your favorite fast food restaurant or simply digging into that carton of ice cream more often than you’d like. At In Motion Fitness, not only do we provide a wide selection of different fitness options in NC & SC, but we can also help you improve your nutrition.

We recommend creating prepared meals for yourself before you’re tempted to eat unhealthily. This way, eating right doesn’t become a burden. If you aren’t sure what to make as you stock up on prepared meals, we are here to provide you with guidance.

We strongly recommend meeting with one of our nutritionists to discuss your health and wellness goals. During this part of the process, the nutritionist you work with can help you understand what foods you should use in your prepared meals and also provide you with continual nutritional guidance. Remember, making prepared meals is a great idea not only if you desire to lose weight, but also if you want to make sure that you are getting the vital nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis.