Physical Therapy

Yordan Ascanio


Dr. Yordan Ascanio PT, DPT ​helps active adults and athletes recover from injury so they can feel healthier and stay active. Providing people the opportunity to have a healthy body and avoid medication, injections and surgery are his top priorities. Yordan has been recognized by the United States Olympic Committee for working with athletes in preparation for the 2014 National Swimming Championships and the 2016 Olympic Games.

After working with many people, Yordan recognized that most individuals who do require surgery have a lack of proper guidance, education and assistance to help them recover properly. For this reason, Yordan and his team created the most comprehensive post surgical programs available, unmatched by any other entity in the area. They have designed a unique system which incorporates all aspects required to have successful recovery.
Forget about how you can't, and focus on how you will.
At Healthy Body Physical Therapy we value your time, that's why we only provide treatment that truly works based on the latest research. Your sessions are personalized to ensure you get the time and attention you deserve, to recover in the shortest time possible.

We use a functional movement, exercise, hands-on approach and an emphasis on education that is ideal for people who have been struggling to find the cause of their pain.

Dry Needling: What is Functional Dry Needling? This is a treatment approach that uses a functional movement assessment and palpation to determine what muscles are inhibiting proper function. Once identified, thin needles are inserted in specific sections of the muscle in order to restore and "reset" normal function

Why does Functional Dry Needling work? This specific technique works because it is the fastest way to treat trigger points. Trigger points feel like hyper-sensitive knots in the muscle that can inhibit normal muscle function and strength. This can lead to abnormal movement patterns, compensations and chronic pain. By treating these trigger points you can restore movement faster, improve strength and return to doing the things you love.

Blood Flow Restriction: If you are looking to improve performance, recover faster between training sessions, or eliminate pain that is limiting your ability to train and get results, then BFR is for you. Blood Flow Restriction is a new technology that allows you to fully recruit muscle fibers and increase the results seen with heavy lifting and intense cardio...all while using light weights.

How is this useful? You can get all the results of intense training without the muscle or joint damage. You can speed up recovery by increasing natural production of the body's repair hormones. You can go back to lifting, swimming, biking, running or competing faster...and you can see all these results in just a few weeks!