Turquoise, the gemstone, is regarded for positive healing energies, as a protector stone and as an aid in spiritual communications. In many Native American languages, the naming of turquoise translates as "sky stone" and represents both the sky, where the virtuous spirits reside, and earth water, where we reside. Turquoise signifies the connection or bridge to our "Holy People".

Drawing on this symbolism, I invoke this meaning to reflect the work I perform as a Reiki Master Teacher. My practice emerged from a desire to help people live their healthiest, happiest lives in balance with body, mind and spirit. I work with clients during Reiki appointments to help them manifest goals for relaxation, mental clarity and optimal health. It has been my experience that all clients receive unique benefit when receiving Reiki. My special interests include those challenged by stress, cancer treatment, chronic pain and hormonal issues. As a Certified Fitness Trainer, I also focus on athletes, and others enjoying fitness pursuits in the restoration of energetic balance, improved recovery and mental clarity. Please enjoy your tour of Turquoise Reiki website and thank you for visiting!

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