Sports Performance

Participation in sports as a child can play a significant role in the emotional and physical development process. Studies show that children who play sports have higher levels of self-confidence, are more successful in school, have solid relationships with peers and coaches, positively interact more regularly with parents and siblings, and are more likely to volunteer. Therefore, encouraging children to play sports is a positive way to interact with your children and help them feel more fulfilled.

At In Motion Fitness in Cornelius, Mooresville, and Davidson, NC we offer training and education for improvement of youth sports performance. This program includes information from experienced and diverse coaches who are certified to teach. As participants sign up, the coaches will evaluate skill levels and put each individual in the appropriate training program to produce excellent results. The first step in the process involves a detailed assessment along with testing to encourage and fulfill youth participants in the sports that they play.

Each youth sports performance training group has a maximum of 12 participants, which allows for more one-on-one attention and coaching. Our coaches will teach your young athletes about the importance of good nutrition, injury prevention, and the emotional component of sports participation, along with a physical program that strengthens muscles and improves performance. Our youth sports performance program is geared toward children ages 8-11, both male and female. It is a great introduction to other training programs that can help children achieve success in their lives, both on and off the field or court.